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With a proven track record, the experienced Me Jacinthe Leroux offers you a process that is rooted in respect and guided by a strong resolve to find solutions and answers to your legal questions and issues.

The Vaudreuil-Dorion based firm favours alternative methods to conflict resolution (amicable settlement and mediation), when appropriate.

Nevertheless, Me Leroux is an effective litigator who will not hesitate to go through legal channels and defend your best interests with rigour and determination.

Whether you prefer to reach a settlement or require assistance with a highly contentious file, Me Leroux will skilfully represent you both in the negotiating room and the courtroom.



With extensive experience in family law, Me Jacinthe Leroux will expertly advise and represent your interests with professionalism in court. From simple, litigious or complex files to those involving the intervention of the Director of Youth Protection (DYP) or charges under the Criminal Code, trust your case to Me Jacinthe Leroux.



Me Jacinthe Leroux prioritizes finding a quick, efficient and advantageous solution to your legal questions and issues. We handle a wide range of files, including estate settlements, physical injuries, hidden defects and any situation in which you feel your rights are being infringed. Do not hesitate to contact Me Leroux in order to determine the best course of action to protect your interests



It you are looking for an alternative resolution using mediation, Me Jacinthe Leroux, an accredited family mediator, will help you negotiate the terms of child custody, child support, property division and other corollary relief in the event of a divorce, separation or break-up between common-law partners. You may be eligible for government funding.

Me Jacinthe Leroux

Thanks to her multidisciplinary background, Me Leroux has acquired solid professional experience in a variety of legal fields.

This experience allows her to quickly grasp a client’s situation, better understand the issues involved and anticipate problems before they arise.

Member of the Barreau du Québec since 1987, Me Leroux has practiced with the Director of youth protection (DYP), the office of the Director of Criminal and Penal Prosecutions (DCPP) and acted as legal advisor in the legal department of a  commercial enterprise. It is in private practice, however, that she has attained her greatest professional fulfillment in her chosen fields of civil liability and family law.

Me Leroux is also a family mediator accredited by the Barreau du Québec, member of the Association de médiation familiale du Québec and the Association des avocats et avocates en droit familial du Québec, and holds law degrees in civil and common law from McGill University.

Tackling challenges, finding solutions that fit the needs of each client and obtaining decisive outcomes are at the heart of Jacinthe Leroux’s human and empathetic approach.

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Are you going through a difficult or worrying situation that requires legal advice and would like answers to your questions concerning your rights and obligations? Contact Me Jacinthe Leroux for a customized solution at reasonable rates that respects your needs and resources.

Located in Vaudreuil-Dorion, our law firm follows a human approach to practicing law. Let Me Jacinthe Leroux expertly advise you on any question regarding family law, family mediation, criminal law or civil law.

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